How to avoid burning out


As women, often it can feel like we are juggling simply a million balls in the air. Not only are we wives and mothers but we also maintain high-powered jobs that carry with them a huge amount of pressure. This sort of constant and all-consuming pressure can not only lead to unhappy individuals, but have serious long-term health ramifications that can affect your quality and standard of life. So here are top tips to avoiding that very worrying syndrome of “burning out.”

1. Just say no

This is exceptionally easy to read and far far harder to actually play out. Often, we say yes for all the wrong reasons: out of guilt, fear or simply because it seems like the easier way out. However, by choosing to do too much you are meaning your output will be of significantly lower quality and simply, but more than that it means you don’t have time to relax and recharge. So no you absolutely don’t need to go to every Christmas party. And you certainly don’t need to handmake and decorate cakes for your kid’s bake sale….that is ladies what Marks and Spencer’s was invented for.

2. Exercise

The problem with exercise is that it is now marked as a word associated with dieting, that you are forced to do to lose the pounds. This should absolutely not be the case – exercise comes in all shapes, sizes and forms and can hugely help to alleviate stress. If you don’t fancy a trip to the gym why not try out some other sports – there are plenty of offer like badminton, tennis, jogging, netball and it could also well be a great way to make new friends.

3. Self-care

Again this is another word loaded with negative connotations and hashtags. However, at essence self-care simply means identifying one thing that you really enjoy and that makes you happy and allowing yourself time to this. Whether it’s taking a bath, meditating, going for a massage or taking up kick-boxing, make sure you allocate yourself the time to truly sit back, relax and enjoy.

4. Write yourself fan mail

We know this sounds incredibly cheesy and a little ridiculous. However, as women we do tend to be overly critical which can be extremely damaging to your psyche and long term health. Try writing yourself some fan mail that reviews all the fantastic things you accomplish and do every day – these can be as simple as making sure your kids have a home cooked meal (which is not simple at all) all the way to getting through the day at work without punching someone. Trust us you will feel so much better.

5. Getting away

All that being said sometimes it’s important to just get away – leave the kids with a responsible adult of your choosing, turn your phone off and take some time to truly relax and recharge. Which is why so many women come on our Bodhi Retreat where they have the opportunity to sit back, relax and truly enjoy themselves.

If you are interested in coming on one please feel free to give us a call on +44 1 748352122

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