How diet can affect your skin

How Diet Can Affect Your Skin


We truly believe you are what you eat. At our skin clinics, Skin Philosophy we treat skin concerns from the inside out so at the Bodhi Retreat we will be no different. Products are important but so is diet, so we have a few little tips for you


Mediterranean food

The Mediterranean diet is not only extremely tasty, but also provides some fantastic vitamins and minerals that can help enrich the skin. Olive oil, tomatoes and red wine are all full of antioxidants that can help block the chemical reactions that lead to sun damage, whilst the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish help keep skin cell membranes stay strong and elastic.

Cashews, avocados, blackberries and raspberries

All these foods contain zinc which can help reduce inflammation as well as bacteria production.


Water acts a little like a moisturiser, but from the inside out helping to prevent dry, tight and flaky sin. Not only that, but dry skin has less resilience and is far more prone to wrinkling.



Salt is rather overused here in Britain – it can actually cause us to retain water – which can lead to swelling, particularly around the eye area as the skin here is so thin. This can be particularly obvious in more mature skin.


Most types of shellfish are naturally high in iodine, an element that if eaten in excess can cause a breakout. Of course, indulging once in a while will have no effect, but for those with acne-prone skin it is probably best to avoid eating in excess.

Too much sugar

Having too much sugar can be hugely detrimental to the skin. High blood sugar can weaken the skin by creating a wave of inflammation, which can affect tissue like collagen and the fibres that give skin its elasticity and strength. This leaves you far more vulnerable to lines and wrinkles. There’s also been a fair amount of research conducted which suggest that there is a link between sugar and breakouts, and a recent study revealed that people who eat a low-glycaemic diet had fewer breakouts.


Caffeine increases the production of a stress hormone called cortisol – raised levels of this can lead to acne breakouts. If you really crave coffee try option for a decaf or a clear fizzy drink like Sprite.


Whilst, according to most medical professionals, many of us are simply eating more diary than our body can tolerate, dairy can also have negative impacts on our skin. It promotes an increased blood level of androgen, which leads to excess oil product and increased potential for breakouts.

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