women supporting women

Women Supporting Women


With International Women’s Day yesterday we were delighted to see the strongest message that came through was one of women should support women.

Life as a women is tough enough without women taking each other down. 
We hope…we really do, that the days of the 90s where women felt compelled to work as soon as they gave birth and to fight their way to the top – tooth and nail is well and truly over. Instead, we believe we are currently working in a different time; one of empowerment, community and comradeship that sees women empower other women.
It is, certainly, something we encourage at all our retreats – where we really encourage women to share their concerns as well as their tactics for coping with stress. With women occupying such a unique position in society as both a homemaker and breadwinner – we believe it is vital that women help support and empower other women.
In fact, one of our favorite quotes is from Madeline Albright who once famously said, “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” Which frankly, we couldn’t agree with more.

That’s not to say we should ignore or congratulate women for poor performance or behavior. However, it does mean that when we see women being maligned or mistreated for something uniquely women related – i.e being perved on by a colleague for having breasts or being pushed to one side after a pregnancy.
In the words of Sheryl Sandberg, “together women can,” – her powerful new campaign aimed at encouraging women to be mentors and powerful allies for other women in the workplace. Sandberg believes that it is with small changes that can help have a significant impact on the current working culture. She even has her own hashtag #LeanInTogether…

However, Sandberg is not the only leading figure lighting the way for collaboration over competition. The force that is Arianna Huffington, of that little known newspaper, the Huffington Post, believes that women need to be at the forefront of changing the way workplaces are structured; allowing us to “lean back” and be ourselves in order to advance. Basically, her ideology is that women have their own unique voice and the only way of making sure that is heard is through acting in unison.
Working with women an awful lot at our retreats in Greece, we are simply amazed at just how stressed they can be by the demands of modern society. However, what we have found truly astounding is that when women come together and share in an open, honest and safe space the results are inspiring.

At all of our working women retreats we encourage women to share their problems and challenges, in the hope that together we are so much stronger and work as a team to find a solution.

What amazes us is not only the success this has, but that even after the retreat many of these women stay in touch and continue to offer each other support and advice. Proof that our retreats are not only a powerful relaxation tool, but also a pretty helpful networking tool.

Our next women in business retreat is in September 2019 if you would like to join please email [email protected]  

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