The benefits of digital detox


The benefits of digital detox

It is becoming clearer and clearer that spending too much time on your phone is harmful. However, the problem is, of course, that we all do it. And it is, undoubtedly harming us; affecting our relationships, output and way we live our lives in a way that is detrimental. Who of us has spent the entirety of a dinner watching another person stare at their phone? Or who else finds that the first thing they do in the morning is check Instagram? Truth is, you’re not alone; which is why on our yoga retreats to Greece we encourage our guests to take a step back and move away from their phones. So here is just a few reasons of why this is such a cracking idea.

1) Sleep

There is little doubt that sleep and phone usage has a direct correlation, with many advocating turning off all screens at least an hour before sleeping to help allow for a restful night’s sleep. In fact, it is something Ariana Huffington discusses in great detail her book handily entitled “The Sleep Revolution” where she advocates that you should turn your phone off during sleep to avoid any low level disturbances. To this effect, you will absolutely benefit from a better night’s sleep if you turn off your phone; one of the main complements many of our clients pay us on our retreats.

2) Happiness

Basically, staring at your phone obsessively day in day out does not make you any happier. In fact, according to one survey conducted one in five people feel depressed as a result of using social media. So putting down the phone and turning off social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram can have an immensely powerful impact making you feel happier and lighter.

3) It makes you more productive

On our wellness retreats we want to offer busy working professionals the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy a well earned break. Most importantly we want them to recharge their batteries and leave feeling reenergised and ready to rock and roll. And there is little doubt that taking a step back and moving away from the phone will help you feel more productive.

4) Addiction

In truth often our phones can feel like an addiction; especially if you constantly feel compelled to check it at all hours of the day. However, on our retreats we encourage all our guests to put their phones away and focus on themselves instead. This also makes you feel far more productive afterwards.

5) A complete break

Being with our phone means we are constantly “on” and accessible by colleagues at work, our bosses, children and really any person who takes time away from completely dedicating to ourselves. This is extremely important in making sure you don’t burn out, feel overwhelmed or aren’t able to perform to your absolute best.

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