How working women can sleep better at night

How working women can sleep better at night


At the Bodhi retreat we work with a number of women who struggle to balance all of their numerous obligations from children to work – and who spend the entire day rushed of their feet. Which means…in theory their head should hit the pillow and they should be immediately whisked off into the land of nod. Sadly, this is often not the case…often working women are so stressed and panicked that they cannot stop their brain whirring with ideas or additions to their to-do list. And then, of course, if you do manage to fall asleep it can be pretty hard to stay restful – with many of our clients waking up at the witching hour of 3 or 4 am and struggling to get back to sleep.

As part of our retreats for working women we come up with tangible and actionable strategies for women to really turn off and sleep better.

1. Sleep schedule

This can seem overwhelmingly difficult, but actually having a set bed time and time at which you wake up can hugely benefit your sleeping pattern. Your body gets used to falling asleep and waking up at certain times, so by keeping it regular you should find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. As an aside on this point, if you are working till 2 or 3 am in the morning – this can never be a good thing and, can, in the long term cause serious burn out.

2. Exercise daily

This doesn’t mean you have to attend a spinning class in the gym each and every evening – although there is nothing wrong with that. Even trying out some light exercise like going for a walk at lunch time or doing some yoga will help rest your mind and tire out your body – which is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep.

3. Light

Basically, during the day you want to be exposed to as much light as possible – meaning you want to have some natural light in your office, to go outside and benefit from the sun’s rays

during the day and, if necessary, to use a light therapy box. Conversely, at night you want as little light as possible which means making sure your room is utterly dark and, painfully, avoiding devices as the blue light from their screens can affect your sleeping pattern. If, absolutely necessary then turn the brightness down on your laptop or kindle to help you sleep at night.

4. Bedtime rituals

Invest in some self-care before bedtime and try out an activity that will relax your mind – this could be anything from taking a warm bath, reading a trashy magazine or listening to soft music. Whatever works for you – just give yourself the opportunity to wind down before bed.

5. Attend our Bodhi retreat

We couldn’t really not mention this could we? Our Bodhi retreats are specially made for working women such as yourself. By providing realistic strategies we hope to help you take better care of yourself and improve your work life balance all whilst surrounded by a supportive network of women all dealing with similar challenges to you. So what’s stopping you? Sign up now.

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