Mykonos May 19th-26th 2019

A Day in the Life…

6:45am Fresh Juice / Ginger and Lemon Shot – Wake up Call

Ginger and Lemon shots have been scientifically proven to benefit both the mind and body particularly if ingested first thing in the morning. Not only is this plant stem ingredient good for medicinal purposes it is also a powerful superfood and helps boost metabolic rates. It’s a great pre-workout boost to help your body burn even more calories during a cardio workout.

7:00am Sunrise Yoga

Meet by the pool before being escorted to Sunrise Hatha Yoga Hatha. Hatha is a great introductory practice, one of the six original branches of yoga, “hatha” encompasses nearly all types of modern yoga. Which will really engage your inner goddess through classical approach to yogic breathing exercises and postures.

8:30am Breakfast

The Bodhi Chef will have prepared you a selection of healthy and nutrient rich foods.  Focussing on healthy mind and body there will also be a selection of Herbal Teas and Turmeric and Macadamia Milk Lattes (Iced or Hot). Breakfast dishes you can expect to sink your teeth into may include but are not limited to Mango and Chia Pots, superfood yoghurt and oats, Spinach and kale muffins, probiotic breakfast bowls, gut friendly vegan pancakes, creamed corn and sunny side eggs, super charged eggs, orange blossom honey, Bircher muesli, fruit salad, ricotta pancakes with blueberry syrup and so much more.

10:00am Personal Time

Throughout your stay there will be selected times that you can use to take advantage of massages, Ayurveda massages, hydrafacials, medical and body mass tests and if you are feeling brave, chemical peels and micro needling with our team of experts. This time is also good for personal reflection which can be spent privately, by the infinity pool or within the gorgeous space in the luxury retreat.

11:30am Fitness

Fitness activities will include but are not limited to HIIT sessions (*TABATA), Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, Tai Chi, Boot Camp, Body Toning, Abs Bums and Tums

13:00pm Lunch

After a rigorous morning your Chef will have prepared you a replenishing meal designed to fortify you from within and release energy for the rest of the day ahead. Our meals are predominantly low carb and vegan however there will be vegetarian options as well as locally sourced freshly caught seafood options.  Some mouth-watering dishes will include but are not limited to super-food salads, wild caught fish of the day with wilted greens, kale and spinach feta pie, courgette linguine with spinach and basil pesto and so much more.

15:00 Activities

On some days we will have organised hikes, windsurfing, or horse riding depending on location on other days you can relax by the pool, have a massage or skin treatment.

17:30pm Meditation

Relax and meditated with guided meditation, light energy balancing and healing sessions,

19:00pm Dinner

Unwind and sit down to a candlelit dinner that will prepare you for a restful sleep ahead. All our meals are designed to benefit you and release serotonin through your disgestive system. Your chef will have prepared you a meal containing lots of veg and packed with flavour. Some examples can include green pea fritters, mushroom quinoa risotto with brazil nut parmesan, fresh fish and seafood specials with lovely ginger and turmeric infusions. Expect an array of salads and healthy sweet tooth curbers.

20:00pm Group Talks

Group Activities will include group talks such as breaking habits, thankfulness, thoughts of the day, message in a bottle, mindfulness exercises, a Bodhi lifeplanner. GIVE US YOUR BODY FOR A WEEK AND WE’LL GIVE YOU BACK YOUR MIND – from the Bodhi holiday retreats.

Basic Pacakge

7 Day Retreat  includes: 6 night accommodation, all meals, fitness activities, yoga, wellness workshops and meditation

Classic Double: double occupancy – £3,000, £1500 per person

Classic Double:  single occupancy – £2,200

All inclusive GOLD Package

7 Day Retreat  includes: 6 night accommodation, all meals, fitness activities, horse riding, water sports, skin treatment, massage, yoga, wellness workshops and meditation


Classic Double: double occupancy – £3,600, £1800 per person

Classic Double:  single occupancy – £2,500

Superior Double: double occupancy – £3,950, £1975 per person

Superior Double:  single occupancy – £2,950

Master Suite double occupancy, super king – £4,900, £2450 per person

Master Suite for single occupancy, super king – £3,500