Celebrities that just can’t get enough of yoga


Celebrities that just can’t get enough of yoga

Here at The Bodhi Retreat we are big fans of yoga. Seriously we can’t get enough of it. Wonderfully relaxing and helping to improve flexibility, posture and as well as acting as a powerful way to calm yourself. However, don’t just take our word for it: here are the five celebrities who have only good things to say about the powerful effects of yoga.

  1. Jessica Biel

This Hollywood starlet who recently wowed audiences in Netflix thriller on season 2 (which just as an FYI is returning to season 2 on Netflix…which is pretty exciting by the way but somewhat by the by) is a huge fan of yoga which she credits with helping her to maintain her exceptionally sleek figure given she is now a mother. Not only is she a huge fan of yoga, but she also drinks plenty of water, has no alcohol and keeps a healthy dose of probiotics on her at al time.

  1. Gisele Bundchen

Quite literally a Victoria Secret’s model, Gisele was quite clearly blessed with some fantastic genes. However, with her Instagram filled with a number of snaps of her doing yoga poses in exotic locations around the world we can’t help but think this is a testament to the power of this fantastic exercise option.

  1. Kaley Cuoco

One of the ladies of La La Land who we could see ourselves sitting down with for a drink and a natter, alongside perhaps Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, which would really just be the best day ever. The blonde startlet from the Big Bang Theory is a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory which she credits in helping to transform her body into the toned, slender physique you see today.

  1. Jennifer Anniston

Ever loveable, ever dignified and ever relevant; Jennifer Anniston has drawn us in since her earliest days as Rachel on friends. However, what’s truly astounding is that whilst Friends wrapped some time ago Jenn looks better than ever, seemingly doing a Benjamin Button. Unsurprisingly, Jennifer credits her fantastic figure to spin, cardio and yoga to ensure she remains in tip top shape.

  1. Madonna

The queen of pop, the eternal, the ethereal, the absolutely fantastic Madonna continues to reign supreme and look just as good as she did when she first hit the screen back in the 80s. Not only that, but Madonna continues to tour and generally demonstrate an outstanding work ethic that sees her fail to stop. And there seems little doubt that Madonna credits a great deal of her success to yoga and the ability to re-centre, refocus and re-energise.

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